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Permanent Makeup Durango

The Premiere Salon in Durango Colorado for Permanent Makeup Solutions. Susan’s Salon has been specializing in makeup and cosmetics since 1994.


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Permanent Make-up Brows- $330

One of the most popular procedures at Susan’s Salon. Also called micro-pigmentation, enhancement of the brows are important, as they frame the face. Results can range from soft and natural to bold and dramatic. Wide color selection to choose from. I focus on two different types:

1.  a “powder” brow, which provides a background color to fill in any gaps or weak spots in your brow hairline, providing a custom, flattering shape.

2. Hairline stroke. Done with a fine needle, hairs are simulated to fill in and accentuate your brow shape.
I do not do microblading, as it is not very permanent, often lasting just a few months.

I invite you to come into appointment with your brows penciled in- so I can see the color and shape you are used to seeing on yourself.

Permanent Eyeliner- $330

Eyeliner helps to define your eyes, creating the illusion of a thicker, fuller, darker lash line.Your eyeliner can be thin or thick, depending on your preference. Most people have both upper and liner done. 

Traditionally the bottom liner is a thinner line than the top. Most people choose a black-brown color, but other choices are available.  Some want a “cat-eye” look, with flick off the outside edge, others want their line to hug the lashes.

Susan Atkinson has 26 years experience as a permanent makeup artist. She specializes in a natural look. Contact us for a free consultation. Touch-ups also available.


What is permanent make up? Is it like a tattoo?
In principal yes, permanent makeup is a procedure similar to tattooing. Using a needle, color pigments are implanted into the skin (the dermal layer) deep enough so the color won’t wash off. Permanent makeup is used for a variety of facial enhancements, including eyeliner and eyebrows.  As we age, we tend to look more “washed out”, loosing definition and color.  Clients love the convenience and freedom from daily makeup application and removal.  The procedure is medically proven and safe if performed by a trained and licensed professional.
Is it painful?
Most people would describe the procedure as irritating or uncomfortable. I use a fairly strong anesthetic to numb the area.  It will never numb the area entirely. Having performed thousands of procedures over the last 26 years, I have never yet encountered a person who jumped off the table and said they couldn’t do it.  The eyebrow area is less sensitive, as it has fewer nerve receptors.

How long does it last? 
Over time, some fading may occur.  The darker the color, the longer it usually lasts.  The average procedure lasts 3-5 years.  Color retention is affected by age, skin type, UV radiation exposure, and use of chemical exfoliating acids.

What should I expect?
We usually start with a free consultation.  The procedure itself usually takes about 90 min.  There will be a short healing period after, about 6-7 days.  The area will form a scab during this time, which makes the color look too dark.  I give you an antibiotic ointment to apply twice a day, which aids in healing.  Once the scab comes off, you have the final, natural result. Sometimes a second session is needed, if any additional fill-in is required.  There is no additional charge for this.